Smart Catalogue

Add Newness To Your Exhibits With Our Gesture-Based Solution

Smart Catalogue, is a newly introduced concept by Sensations Group. Displaying your company’s products and services on tablets/smart screens within your in-store exhibit allows show attendees to learn more about your company and the products and services offered by your company. Smart Catalogue displays customized digital catalogues with an easy interface, making product showcasing flexible. This technology-driven catalogue allows you to create customized catalogues.

In such predictable circumstances, Smart Catalogue minimizes unnecessary touch with its touchless sensor and gesture-based control. When hygiene is the top priority, touchscreens are not feasible. Our smart catalogue is designed to assist you with hosting an event that solves the hurdles of the new-age industry. Additionally, gesture-based catalogues have proven to be a robust medium for engaging sophisticated visitors at your show. Interacting and engaging with your target audience has become one of the most widespread communication methods. Today, gesture recognition is considered a type of touch-free user interface (TUI). Check out what else we offer in our newly introduced Smart Catalogue.


Tech Tools For Trade Shows

“Electrical near-field” or E-field sensing uses electrodes embedded within the display as an alternative methodology. Despite the advancement of gesture-based technologies, touch-less (hand gestures) is the most approachable. As an additional feature, you can install a smart catalogue in your upcoming show booth to increase the number of attendees while enhancing the technological aspect.

Safety Benefits

In such uncertain times, show visitors may not want to handle extra touches, such as picking up the company’s brochure or catalogue. While company brochures and catalogues are important tools for educating show visitors about your company, smart catalogues can provide the solution that will educate your visitors while keeping safety measures in place.

Analyze Data

Your smart catalogue provides you with plenty of information about visitors to your booth. Data stored in your system through scanning their unique bar code before unlocking the smart catalogue will also help you understand their interest by analyzing the minutes they spent on each page.

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