PLMA Private Level Trade Show 2024

The Private Label Manufacturers Association was founded in 1979 with the aim of promoting store brands. PLMA Chicago is a unique trade group that represents 4,500 companies from over 75 countries. In addition to this annual gathering and industry-defining trade shows, the PLMA offers its members a range of platforms such as conferences, professional development, executive education, category and channel sales data, market research, consumer surveys, and several publications in addition to this annual gathering.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend this prestigious event and connect with the global private label and contract manufacturing industry. Mark your calendars for 2024 and get ready to explore the latest trends, make valuable connections, and discover new business opportunities at the PLMA Private Level Trade Show.

Find out More About the Private Label Manufacturers Association 2024

PLMA is an association of private label manufacturers that has grown along with the industry. There are now store-brand items available in virtually every food and non-food grocery category, including frozen, fresh, and refrigerated food, snacks, pet foods, canned and dry foods, health and beauty care, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, lawn and garden chemicals, household and laundry products, paints, hardware, stationery, auto aftercare, and housewares. Most buyers love store brands because they offer quality and performance equal to or better than national brands at a lower price.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of store brands. A retailer’s brand or independent label accounts for one in four products sold in the U.S. At PLMA 2024 Chicago, you can explore more about brands and labeling that will help you broaden your horizons.

Discover the Future of Store Brands at the PLMA 2024!

One of the key features of PLMA Private Level Trade Show 2024 is the networking opportunities it offers. The event provides an ideal environment for buyers and sellers to connect, foster partnerships, and explore potential collaborations. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend industry forums, seminars, and workshops, where they can gain valuable insights and learn from industry experts.

The show also provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products through interactive displays, demonstrations, and tastings. Attendees will have the opportunity to touch, feel, and evaluate the products firsthand, allowing them to make informed decisions about potential purchases.

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