ISRI Convention 2024

The ISRI Convention is an annual event hosted by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. It brings together industry professionals, suppliers, and recyclers from around the world. It is scheduled to take place from April 15 to 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Participants can expect a wide range of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all designed to foster collaboration and innovation in the recycling industry. Additionally, the ISRI Convention provides a platform for networking and business matchmaking, allowing participants to develop new partnerships and expand their global reach.

Highlights of the ISRI Convention: Connecting Global Recycling Innovators

The ISRI Convention offers a range of highlights that make it a valuable event for attendees. Here are some key highlights:

Exhibition: The convention features an expansive exhibition floor, showcasing the latest products and services in the recycling industry. This allows attendees to connect with suppliers, explore new technologies, and gain insights into industry trends.

Educational Sessions: The convention provides numerous educational sessions on various topics relevant to the recycling industry. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including sustainability, recycling best practices, legislative updates, and emerging technologies.

Networking Opportunities: The convention offers ample opportunities for networking and connecting with industry professionals. Through social events, networking events, and networking opportunities, attendees can establish valuable connections with peers, potential business partners, and industry experts.

Awards and Recognition: The convention recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the recycling industry. These awards serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of individuals and companies dedicated to promoting recycling and sustainability.

Innovation Showcase: The convention includes an Innovation Showcase, which highlights the breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming the recycling industry. This showcase provides a platform for startups and established companies to showcase their groundbreaking products and technologies.

The ISRI Convention: Uniting the World for a Sustainable Future in Recycling!

The ISRI Convention attracts a wide range of attendees, including:

– Recyclers: Scrap recyclers, waste haulers, and material recovery facilities professionals attend the convention to stay updated on best practices and network with their peers.

– Suppliers: Suppliers of recycling equipment, technology, and services attend the convention to showcase their offerings and establish partnerships with recyclers and other industry professionals.

– Government Officials: Local, state, and federal officials attend the convention to learn about the latest recycling trends, regulations, and policies.

– Industry Analysts: Industry analysts, consultants, and researchers attend the convention to gain insights into the recycling industry’s performance, emerging trends, and opportunities for growth.

– Academics: Academics and researchers in the field of recycling and sustainability attend the convention to present their latest research and contribute to discussions about the future of recycling.

The ISRI Convention is a prominent event in the recycling industry, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing the latest advancements. It attracts a diverse group of attendees, including recyclers, suppliers, government officials, industry professionals, and academics. By attending this event, individuals can stay informed, network, and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and resourceful recycling industry.

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